Helpful Hints

Selling Your Home, Hints to preparing for a Photo Shoot and Sale

  • A clean front door and exterior entry are great ways
    to set a good first impression
  • Remove all holiday decorations from exterior and interior
    (there is no quicker way to date your listing)
  • De-clutter… no need to De-personalize
  • Everything in moderation… a picture here and there of family is no problem
  • Clean counters and refrigerators help to sell a kitchen
  • The thousand magnets, the old toaster oven, the full dish rack
    all need to go for now (I know it’s hard… you should see my fridge)
  • Throw pillows, baskets, ferns, coffee table books, fresh flowers
    These all help to “fill-out” a room that may need a finishing touch
  • Fresh towels and removal of personal items from bathrooms
    make this private space appealing
  • Toys, toys, toys… if you have kids you have toys
  • Try designating areas in the home for play that are tucked away
  • Bins and baskets are a life saver when it comes to quick clean-ups
  • Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork…if you have adults you have paperwork
    Also a good idea to have a tucked away space dedicated
    to this necessary evil
    (Important: Be sure to secure any documents that may contain sensitive
    information, account or identity information)
  • Remember that smell is our very strongest sense with the longest memory
    If you have pets, a damp basement, strong spices look for ways to
    minimize their effect (dehumidifiers, pet sprays, air fresheners, etc.)
  • Outside…be sure that all cars, trash cans, toys are stowed away (out of eyesight). Your yard and surrounding grounds are a very important part of your home and will benefit from some TLC
  • Most importantly, ask your realtor for their expert advice. They know the market, they know the buyers, they know how to market and sell homes!